Upcoming shows 2019
22/8 2019
@ Kayak Bar, Copenhagen
17th of October 2019 ROXY JULES
@ Trondheim, Norway

Past shows 2019
28/2-2/3 2019 ROXY JULES  
@ by:Larm Festival, Oslo Norway
23rd of March 2019 ROXY JULES
@ Studenterhuset, Copenhagen w/Felines

Past shows 2018
The 14th of February Frk. Roxy & Manoj Ramdas dj’ing 
@ Riesen Bar, Copenhagen
The 23rd of February 2018 ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Tøjhuset, Fredericia w/Childrenn
The 24th of February 2018 ROXY JULES
@ Kulturstationen Vanløse w/Wild Forrest
The 10th of March 2018 ROXY JULES
@ Ideal Bar, Copenhagen w/Dream Wife
The 11th of May ROXY JULES
@ Spot Festival, Aarhus. Venue: Bora Bora. Time: 23.59
The 12th of May ROXY JULES
@ Spot Festival, Aarhus w/Ida Kudo Venue: Royal Trailer. Time: 19.30
The 27th of July ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Den Frie og Farverige Festival, Vejrhøj, Hørve
The 25th of August ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Kökart Festival, Finland
The 19th of September Frk. ROXY og KATINKA dj set  
@ Riesen Bar, Copenhagen
The 24th of September ROXY JULES
@ Nørbæk Efterskole
The 25th of September ROXY JULES
@ Efterskolen Smededal
The 26th of September ROXY JULES 
@ Vrigsted Efterskole
The 27th of September ROXY JULES
@ Efterskolen For Scenekunst
1st of October ROXY JULES
@ Klejtrup Musikefterskole
2nd of October ROXY JULES
@ Galtrup Musik- og Idrætsefterskole
3rd of October ROXY JULES
@ Østhimmerlands Ungdomsskole
4th of October ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Nygadehuset, Aabenraa supporting Baby In Vain
5th of October ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Tobakken, Esbjerg supporting Baby In Vain
6th of October ROXY JULES
@ Platform 4, Aalborg supporting Baby In Vain
11th of October ROXY JULES
@ Billeshave Efterskole
18th of October ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Richter, Gladsaxe supporting Baby In Vain
19th of October ROXY JULES
@ Hotel Cecil, København supporting Baby In Vain
20th of October ROXY JULES
@ Stars, Vordingborg supporting Baby In Vain
24th of October ROXY JULES
@ Atlas, Aarhus supporting Baby In Vain
25th of October ROXY JULES (solo)
@Sønderborghus, Sønderborg supporting Baby In Vain
26th of October ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Harders, Svendborg supporting Baby In Vain
27th of October ROXY JULES (solo)
@ Tøjhuset, Fredericia supporting Baby In Vain
31st of October Frk. Roxy & Mads Tunebjerg dj’ing
@ Riesen Bar, Copenhagen
23rd of November ROXY JULES release party
@ Bakken, Copenhagen