ROXY JULES just released the fourth album simply called 'ROXY JULES IV' the 5th of October 2018. It is balancing on a knife edge between something very fragile and porous and something very noisy and confronting. The songs are revolving around distorted guitars, electronic drums, eerie keys and Julie Runa’s intriguing vocal and lyrics.

The debut album simply called ‘ROXY JULES’ was released in 2011, the followup ‘ROXY JULES II’ in 2013 and ‘ROXY JULES III’ in 2016. All the albums have been very well reviewed.

The press about 'ROXY JULES IV':
“Elektroniske elementer gør Roxy Jules’ melankolske rockmusik endnu mere nærværende”
Soundvenue ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"She has been compared to a cross between PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth, but this young lady is so much more. This is rock music that will move you, emotionally and otherwise, with words that cut deep and music that washes over you like a tidal wave. She must be doing something right because this is her fourth album and the fans keep coming back for more. This is different from most indie rock projects, but no less interesting, and we believe the hype. In fact, check out the video for the lead single, “May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way.” We simply love her voice and the dynamic she brings to her craft. We think you’ll be hearing a lot more from this amazing artist." - Indie Voice blog

“Four albums into her career and Roxy Jules is still remaining steadfastly uncompromising. As with the most obvious influences on her sound, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth, there’s a real tone of the underbelly of society, with washes of electronic hail, thudding bass lines and Roxy’s deliberate, choked vocals. Julie Runa (aka Roxy Jules) makes music which is paradoxically towering and menacing, yet also at an imminent state of collapse. If all Hell hasn’t already broken loose, it’s just about to.” - Sonic Noise

“The dynamically restless “Come Away With Me” showcases the rough and delicate facets of the Jules’ music. It burbles with pressing electronic squiggles and quirks while sizzling with a gritty, pummeling grind. A sharply cracked beat, clacking percussion, and noisy buzzing is balanced by Jules’ lightly rising, ruefully bittersweet vocals that float in the air like a feather on the breeze.” - Rebel Noise

"ROXY JULES is Julie Runa, and her lyrics are just out of this world. Odd, noisy (although quiet sonically), and burbles with the kind of chemical reaction that is both sexy and profound. Can that happen?? Yes. It just did with this single. Deal with it." - Come Here Floyd

“Roxy Jules IV' is definitely an album that will stay on my playlists for months to come, as there is so much detail in each track, and I highly recommend that everyone takes a listen."
- Nordic Music Review

'ROXY JULES III' received 5/6 stars in Danish music magazine Gaffa who wrote: "We needed acts like ROXY JULES at the Danish music scene: a courageous woman who is not afraid of saying ugly things and being gloomy - a some sort of love child from The Kills leadsinger Alison Mosshart and PJ Harvey. I love it"

And also 5/6 stars by Danish music blog GFR who wrote: "To make it short ROXY JULES III is an uncompromising intelligent and original album and it is without a doubt one of the best albums I stumbled upon this year."

The music speaks a language of its very own and shows how beauty and raw power can interact in the best possible way.

Behind the name ROXY JULES you find Danish singer, musician and composer Julie Runa. 'ROXY JULES III' and 'ROXY JULES IV' she wrote and recorded with Danish musician, composer and producer Valentin Kruse who also plays with ROXY JULES live.