ROXY JULES is revolving around distorted guitars, electronic beats and ROXY JULES’s intriguing vocals and lyrics. She has been described as a love child of PJ Harvey and The Kills, but she definitely also has a sound of her own.

Since 2011 ROXY JULES has released four full-length albums, the EP “Still Falling Through The White” and the three singles "Light Pink Petals", “Mellem Sekundernes Tråde” and latest “Copenhagen Summer” the 1st of September 2023.

Both "Light Pink Petals" and the lead single from the EP, “Jocelyn”, which was produced by Trentemøller, reached high rotation on Danish National Radio, P6. Also both songs were featured on quite a few international blogs and Simone Marie Butler (bass player in Primal Scream) played them on her radio show Naked Lunch at Soho Radio. 

ROXY JULES shows how beauty, longing, raw power and bloodthirsty noise rock can interact in the best possible way.

Some of the things that was written about “Light Pink Petals”: 

Bands Of Tomorrow:"Er man til dynamisk noiserock, skal man kende Roxy Jules. Siden 2011 er det blevet til fire fuldlængde albums fra den danske artist, samt sidste års EP Still Falling Through the White. Nu er hun tilbage med ny musik, med “Light Pink Petals” der ufortrødent fortsætter hvor hun slap. Sangen veksler mellem drømmende, eftertænksomme elektroniske lyde og distortede, eksplosive guitarer, som begge er karakteristisk for artisten. Lyrisk deler Jules åbent og skrøbeligt ud af sig selv, med en rørende fortælling om frihed og splittelse, hvor lyserøde blomsterblade står i centrum som metafor for dette."

Moths & Giraffes:  "Within the expanse of ‘Light Pink Petals’, Roxy Jules all at once captures the feeling of solitary contentment, imparting the picture of her inspiration painted around her signature sound. The delivery of which comes in screaming layers of guitar and atmospheric interludes, audibly displaying Roxy’s creative division between the life that must be lived, and the life we all wish we could live."

808blogg:  "Light Pink Petals strength clashes with the beauty and melodic voice from Roxy Jules bringing balance among two opposite forces"

The Love for Music and Concerts: “Denne mega seje og talentfulde kunstner har skabt en smuk melankolsk visuel lydcollage med nogle blændende lysbillede metaforer for råstyrken & viljen til at kæmpe for det smukke i kontrasten mellem den rå vildskab ved storbyens stressende travlhed og de rolige stunder ved havets smukke brusen.

Disse blændende flashende lysbilleder omfavnes af nogle glimrende støjrockende distortede guitar riffs, fantastiske rytmiske trommer og underlæggende elektroniske synth-flader, som krydres med Julie’s fascinerende skønne rå og upoleret vokal.

Tjek denne sprudlerende talentfulde rockkunstner, hun kan varmt anbefales” 

Some of the things that was written about the EP: 

American  Pancake about “Jocelyn”:
“the raw rocker "Jocelyn" has garage rock bones covered with post punk flesh and blood. The hazey tones have a patina of desert rock, with chunky guitar layers and a lovely dominant punch splash coming off the drums. Runa's vocal aesthetic is hushed but steely eyed and bathed with backing harmonies that are so alluring. (…) It feels raw and organic and in the end because of that, "Jocelyn" stays with you after the song ends like a ghost. “

Moths And Giraffes about the lyrics on two of the tracks on the EP “Still Falling Through TheWhite”: “One of the things I love about Jocelyn is the imagery in Roxy Jules’ lyrics, especially this line: ‘They were so young back then, looking for the kind of love you read about on the back of cool bookstores’ toilet doors.’ That line immediately transports you to the location and makes you question exactly what kind of love Roxy Jules is talking about.”

“Lyrically, Jules is at her most poetic amongst these songs on Porous & Ivory Black. The whole lyric here is so interesting, but the stand-out verse, to me, is: ‘The feathers from the angel’s wings are falling towards Earth like snow, walking back through a wildflower meadow, strikingly red lips and a bottle of Bordeaux.’ If this EP existed in a physical package, it would be an essential part of the listening experience to go through the lyrics as the music plays them out.”

Nothing But Hope And Passion about the opening song on the EP “As White As The White In White Noise”:   "The gloomy As White As The White In White Noise is a first teaser from her new EP Still Falling Through The White and it’s a great testament of nocturnal goth folk, reminding me a bit of Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey, The Kills and the also quite great new band King Hannah. She adds a tender noisy and gritty vibe to the sinister melancholia of her ballads and that really captivates the listener. If you happen to be a fan of that sort of sound it’s about time to get hyped about Roxy Jules.”

Postcard Elba about “As White As The White In White Noise”:"The song keeps you on your toes by charting unexpected waters, like a conversation allowed to flow unrestricted. It allows it to be “epic” in a way few other songs achieve."

A few quotes about the fourth full lenght ROXY JULES album “ROXY JULES IV”:

“Elektroniske elementer gør Roxy Jules’ melankolske rockmusik endnu mere nærværende”
Soundvenue ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"She has been compared to a cross between PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth, but this young lady is so much more. This is rock music that will move you, emotionally and otherwise, with words that cut deep and music that washes over you like a tidal wave." - Indie Voice blog

“Four albums into her career and Roxy Jules is still remaining steadfastly uncompromising. As with the most obvious influences on her sound, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth, there’s a real tone of the underbelly of society, with washes of electronic hail, thudding bass lines and Roxy’s deliberate, choked vocals. Julie Runa (aka Roxy Jules) makes music which is paradoxically towering and menacing, yet also at an imminent state of collapse. If all Hell hasn’t already broken loose, it’s just about to.” - Sonic Noise

“The dynamically restless “Come Away With Me” showcases the rough and delicate facets of the Jules’ music. It burbles with pressing electronic squiggles and quirks while sizzling with a gritty, pummeling grind. A sharply cracked beat, clacking percussion, and noisy buzzing is balanced by Jules’ lightly rising, ruefully bittersweet vocals that float in the air like a feather on the breeze.” - Rebel Noise

"ROXY JULES is Julie Runa, and her lyrics are just out of this world. Odd, noisy (although quiet sonically), and burbles with the kind of chemical reaction that is both sexy and profound. Can that happen?? Yes. It just did with this single. Deal with it." - Come Here Floyd

“Roxy Jules IV' is definitely an album that will stay on my playlists for months to come, as there is so much detail in each track, and I highly recommend that everyone takes a listen."
- Nordic Music Review

The third ROXY JULES album “ROXY JULES III” received ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in Danish music magazine Gaffa who wrote: "We needed acts like ROXY JULES at the Danish music scene: a courageous woman who is not afraid of saying ugly things and being gloomy - a some sort of love child from The Kills leadsinger Alison Mosshart and PJ Harvey. I love it"

And also ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Danish music blog GFR who wrote: "To make it short ROXY JULES III is an uncompromising intelligent and original album and it is without a doubt one of the best albums I stumbled upon this year."