Upcoming shows 2018:

The 19th of September Frk. ROXY og KATINKA dj set @ Riesen Bar, Copenhagen

The 24th of September ROXY JULES @ Nørbæk Efterskole

The 25th of September ROXY JULES @ Efterskolen Smededal

The 26th of September ROXY JULES @ Vrigsted Efterskole

The 27th of September ROXY JULES @ Efterskolen For Scenekunst

1st of October ROXY JULES @ Klejtrup Musikefterskole

2nd of October ROXY JULES @ Galtrup Musik- og Idrætsefterskole

3rd of October ROXY JULES @ Østhimmerlands Ungdomsskole

4th of October ROXY JULES (solo) @ Nygadehuset, Aabenraa supporting Baby In Vain

5th of October ROXY JULES (solo) @ Tobakken, Esbjerg supporting Baby In Vain

6th of October ROXY JULES @ Platform 4, Aalborg supporting Baby In Vain

11th of October ROXY JULES @ Billeshave Efterskole

12 of October ROXY JULES RELEASE PARTY @ Sorte René, København!!!!!

18th of October ROXY JULES (solo) @ Richter, Gladsaxe supporting Baby In Vain

19th of October ROXY JULES @ Hotel Cecil, København supporting Baby In Vain

20th of October ROXY JULES @ Stars, Vordingborg supporting Baby In Vain

24th of October ROXY JULES @ Atlas, Aarhus supporting Baby In Vain

25th of October ROXY JULES (solo) @Sønderborghus, Sønderborg supporting Baby In Vain

26th of October ROXY JULES (solo) @ Harders, Svendborg supporting Baby In Vain

27th of October ROXY JULES (solo) @ Tøjhuset, Fredericia supporting Baby In Vain

And new album ‘ROXY JULES IV’ will be released the 5th of October




The 14th of February Frk. Roxy & Manoj Ramdas dj’ing at Riesen Bar, Copenhagen

The 23rd of February 2018 ROXY JULES (solo) @ Tøjhuset, Fredericia w/Childrenn

The 24th of February 2018 ROXY JULES @ Kulturstationen Vanløse w/Wild Forrest

The 10th of March 2018 ROXY JULES @ Ideal Bar, Copenhagen w/Dream Wife

The 11th of May ROXY JULES @ Spot Festival, Aarhus. Venue: Bora Bora. Time: 23.59

The 12th of May ROXY JULES @ Spot Festival, Aarhus w/Ida Kudo Venue: Royal Trailer. Time: 19.30

The 27th of July ROXY JULES (solo) @ Den Frie og Farverige Festival, Vejrhøj, Hørve

The 25th of August ROXY JULES (solo) @ Kökart Festival, Finland



The 13th of January: ROXY JULES @ Drone, Copenhagen

The 28th of January: ROXY JULES @ Northern Winter Beat, Aalborg

The 25th of February: ROXY JULES @ Ideal Bar, Vega, Copenhagen w/Kite Base

The 7th of March: ROXY JULES (solo) @ Radar, Aarhus w/Sophia

The 11th of March: ROXY JULES @ Studenterhuset, Copenhagen w/Jørck

The 31st of March: ROXY JULES @ Music Week Tallinn, Estonia

The 15th of April: ROXY JULES @ Plantagehuset, Thisted w/The Love Coffin and Blood Child

The 19th of April: ROXY JULES DJ set at Riesen Bar, Copenhagen

The 29th of April: ROXY JULES @ 1000Fryd, Aalborg w/Darling Don’t Dance

The 6th of May: ROXY JULES (solo) @ Ultrasound Records presents @Sway, SPOT Festival

The 1st of June: ROXY JULES @ Pumpehusets Byhave w/Darling Don’t Dance

The 14th of June: Frk. ROXY & Marie Fisker DJ set at Riesen Bar, Copenhagen

The 21st of June: ROXY JULES (solo) @ MellemRummet, Copenhagen

The 29th og July: ROXY JULES (solo) @ Den Frie & Farverige Festival, Vejrhøj

The 5th of August: ROXY JULES @ Helsingør Festival, Helsingør

The 18th August: ROXY JULES @ UHØRT Festival, Copenhagen

The 19th of August: ROXY JULES @ RECession Festival, Aarhus w/Trentemøller, TOM And His Computer & Matteo Vallicelli

The 6th of October ROXY JULES @ Posten, Odense w/Fribytterdrømme

The 7th of October ROXY JULES @ Templet, Lyngby w/Fribytterdrømme

The 21st of October small ROXY JULES (solo) set at Childrenn’s record release party @ H9, Copenhagen

The 2nd of November ROXY JULES @ Stengade, Copenhagen w/Darling Don’t Dance

The 4th of November ROXY JULES (solo) @ Connect – Støttekoncert for voldsudsatte kvinder, CPH Volume, Copenhagen


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The 5th of October 2018 ROXY JULES is going to release the fourth album simply called ‘ROXY JULES IV’. It is balancing on a knife edge between something very fragile and porous and something very noisy and confronting. The songs are revolving around distorted guitars, electronic drums, eerie keys and Julie Runa’s intriguing vocal and lyrics.

The debut album simply called ‘ROXY JULES’ was released in 2011, the followup ‘ROXY JULES II’ in 2013 and ‘ROXY JULES III’ in 2016. All the albums have been very well reviewed.

‘ROXY JULES III’ received 5/6 stars in Danish music magazine Gaffa who wrote: “We needed acts like ROXY JULES at the Danish music scene: a courageous woman who is not afraid of saying ugly things and being gloomy – a some sort of love child from The Kills leadsinger Alison Mosshart and PJ Harvey. I love it”

And also 5/6 stars by Danish music blog GFR who wrote: “To make it short ROXY JULES III is an uncompromising intelligent and original album and it is without a doubt one of the best albums I stumbled upon this year.”

The music speaks a language of its very own and shows how beauty and raw power can interact in the best possible way.

Behind the name ROXY JULES you find Danish singer, musician and composer Julie Runa. ‘ROXY JULES III’ and ‘ROXY JULES IV’ she wrote and recorded with Danish musician, composer and producer Valentin Kruse who also plays with ROXY JULES live.

With support from DJBFA – Composer and Songwriters Production Pool, Kodas Cultural Funds, DPA, DMF and Musikforlæggerne.